August 17, 2010


I've come to discover, that it is my tendency to come up with a "brilliant" idea for a project, get really excited for it, gather all my materials, and lose steam after a couple of days. I do this, over and over again, and have my whole life. Example? I know that in my closet, I have a baby bib that I was making for one of my nephews - he is now old enough to drive. Sooooo.... I am so happy to say, that for the first time (since I can remember?) I began and completed a project in one week!

I was on a mission for a perfect tank to wear to on my weekend trip to Cincinnati. I had one I loved, in black, but I wanted something fun and colorful. You'd think it be easy to find a tank top, but I came up empty handed. So, ambitious little me came up with the idea to make one! I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I worked on it a little bit each night and was actually was able to complete the project. 

Not too bad considering I had no pattern and I haven't sewn in a year or two. (The best part?? I saved a lot of money making it myself.)

I bought fabric to make another tank - we'll see if that gets done. But I also managed to finish a painting last week, too (and I've blogged twice - so I'm on a roll!) 
The pictures of that painting will be up soon.

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