August 11, 2010


Tord Boontje fascinates me. The intricate details of his work and the repeating patterns are exactly the type of thing I love. And I really appreciate that he hasn't ventured too far away from his theme of the flower/vine pattern; instead, he explores it in as many different mediums as possible: papers, textiles, lighting, furniture, jewelry, home products, installations, etc.

I had to buy his book and I when I received it, I felt like I got a piece of art. The cover is wrapped in a mesh fabric, and once you get past the pages and pages of glossy photos, the inner pages have his vine patterns perforated right into the page.

"Art for everyone" seems to be Boontje's thing. In 2005, Boontje also did a collaboration with Target for dinner wear and Christmas decor, and you can get his amazing Garland Light at the MoMA Store. I want it so badly - it's a little smaller in person than I thought it would be, so I'm saving up to buy 2 :)

Or I could get this amazing Blossom Chandelier that I saw in House & Garden a few years back. It hangs over Gwyneth Paltrow's dining room table, is made of Swarovski crystals, and starts at... $22,500. I think I will stick with the Garland Light.

You can view the rest of Boontje's work here.

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