October 27, 2008

Touching Base

Many months since my last update... I've been busy with various things and some of them have been art related. I am now being represented by both Local Girl Gallery and Lake Erie Artists (links on the side.) Be sure to check out Lake Erie Artists in particular, as my name and link to my work is posted right on her site. How exciting!

I've been drained dry - both in my physical work (I almost have no paintings in my possession right now!) and inspirationally. I haven't painted in a while, so I'm anticipating some changes in my work in the near future.... In the mean time, here is what I have done most recently

map #3 (red map) . 36" x 48"

map #3 (red map) - detail

fushia map 1 . 12" x 24"

fushia map 2 . 12" x 24"

depth/revealing . 22" x 36"

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